What is a press release and why is it required

Read on to understand why you may or may not require a press release

A press release is an official statement made by you or your company to announce to the press about any new achievement, new service, anything that must come out in the news. By sending a press release you give media the access to the information shared, which is then published free of cost if found newsworthy by the press. If you are a small business owner/ a corporate/ a school / a hospital/ an institute or an individual who has something to tell to the world that is unique or that might be useful to others, you need to send out a press release to media. It highlights your achievement, your uniqueness and brings it out in the open. However, not everything will be taken up for publishing by the press and this is where we come into the picture. Our team of ex -journalists will vet the information that you want to send out a press release for and write it for you if it is found newsworthy. Tips on who to send the press releases to, included free of cost with each press release we write.

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